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Introducing: Biostrength

At Clubsportive you can always count on us to have the most innovative and newest equipment for you to try. Find out more about Biostrength below!

Technogym's Biostrength programme is now available at Clubsportive

Clubsportive is the first fitness club in the Netherlands to introduce Technogym’s new Biostrength programme. By using artificial intelligence and scientific research, this programme creates equipment that adapts to your body’s endurance and strength levels. Reach more about the benefits of adding Biostrength to your workout routine below.

Try it out during your next visit to Clubsportive.

  • Get started by downloading the Mywellness app via the applicable button below.
  • Scan the QR code on the machines in the Biostrength circuit to track your workouts through your Mywellness account.


Discover the benefits of using the Biostrength programme.


Maximum muscle activation and performance

After performing a short strength test, Biostrength will determine the maximum weight and repetition level for each person, as well how to progress them over time so you reach your goals faster.

Correct exercise setting and execution

Biostrength automatically customized the seat and range of motion for each person, so train safely and effectively. No more remembering how to set up your machine.

Personalised training programmes

Advanced users have the option to customize  their training. Select the repetitions, sets, weight, resistance, and technique you need to get the most out of your workout.