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June Class Challenge

Win a private night at clubsportive

How it works

From June 1st to June 31st, you’ll be challenged to participate in as many classes as possible. For each class that you join, you can pick up one raffle ticket. Fill in the ticket and place it in the glass box at the front desk. You can join as many classes as possible. The more classes, the more chances to win.

On July 3rd we will pick the lucky winner!

What can you expect from your private night at Clubsportive:

– Invite up to 20 friends

– Participate in your favorite class(es) that is only given to you and your friends

– Private use of the wellness area.

– Food and drinks.

– Play your own music.

– Unforgettable night with your friends

Book your next class now via the Clubsportive app.