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Introducing: Gymstory

At Clubsportive you can always count on us for constant innovation. Find out more about our most recent collaboration with Gymstory below!

Smart track your workouts

Our recent collaboration with Gymstory aims to elevate your Clubsportive experience to a new level. Gymstory’s digitised sensors allow you to smart track your workout and improve your results over time.

Try it out during your next visit to Clubsportive.

  • Get started by downloading the Gymstory app via the applicable button below.
  • Track your reps, sets, and weight on all resistance exercise equipment at Clubsportive


Discover the benefits of using Gymstory for your workouts.


Track your performance, live.

Already connected to most of the equipment in Clubsportive, Gymstory’s sensors will provide you with real-time data about your exercises and progress.

Benchmark your personal bests

Gymstory’s sensors track and notify you of your reps, sets, and weight on all resistance exercise equipment, so you can become your own personal trainer.

Use metrics to stay motivated

Access insights about your workouts and improvements over time on Gymstory’s intuitive mobile app. Guaranteed motivators to come back to the gym.