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Terms & conditions

Article 1: Membership Details

Every membership starts on the 1st of the month. If you’ve applied to a membership during the month, a calculated amount will be discounted from the total sum, according to the sign-up date. A membership at Clubsportive lasts a minimum of 1, 12, to 24 months, according to the kind of membership subscription you have chosen for. With either of the above mentioned membership subscriptions, you will only have access to the Clubsportive at Gustav Mahlerlaan 24.

Article 1.1 Upgrades

Upgrades are bound to your membership.

Upgrades are: private locker (minimum 6 months), and exclusive services. (minimum 12 months). After the above mentioned periods each upgrade can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Arictle 2: Time for Membership Consideration

After signing your contract, a week of membership consideration will be given in which during the week you will have the possibility to back out of the signed contract (free of charge). For online applications a total of 14 days are given. The above mentioned ‘consideration time’ will be cancelled the moment you make use of our facilities.

Article 3: Terminating Membership/Upgrades

  1. Terminating a membership is possible via cancellations. The moment we process the termination through our system, you will receive a confirmation email. This email is binding. Cancellations must be made at least one full calendar month before the end of your membership. In case you didn’t cancel your subscription on time, your membership will be refreshed for an undetermined period of time. During this period, you are committed to pay the membership, even when you have not made use of our facilities during this time. Termination of this (follow-up) membership can take place with a cancellation period of at least 1 full calendar month.In the case that you have terminated a membership of 24 months before the end of the membership date. Then Clubsportive is entitled to recalculate the contribution fee from the elapsed membership period, on the basis of the actual membership period taken, and to charge the corresponding membership fee allocated to the period trained. For example: if you decide to cancel a membership of 24 months after 12 months, you will be charged the membership fee allocated for the 12 month membership subscription.
  2. Termination of an upgrade is possible via customerservice@clubsportive.nl. When we’ve processed your email in our system, you will receive a confirmation email. This email is binding. Terminations have to be made at least one full calendar month before the end of the upgrade period. In case you haven’t cancelled by email in time, the upgrade will be automatically refreshed for an undermined period of time.
  3. Interim termination of a membership is possible when:
    – You are registered to a new address that is located more than 20km’s from the club. We can accept this exception if you can present an official government registration document from the new address.
    – If, during your membership, you are unable to use our facilities due to an illness or injury. We can accept this exception with an official doctors note as proof.
  4. Bar credit can not be refunded.

Article 4: Freezing your membership

If you are unable to make use of our facilities, for longer than a month, in the case of an injury, illness or work-commitment. It is possible (upon the evidence of an official medical statement from your doctor or official statement from your employer) to temporarily freeze your membership. A membership can be frozen for a maximum period of 6 months. Freezing your membership is only possible on the basis of a full calendar month, starting from the beginning of the next calendar month. The end-date of your membership will be automatically extended with the indicated freeze-period. During the freeze-period it is not possible to visit our club.

Article 5: Opening times & Fees

  1. Clubsportive is entitled to change opening times, class schedules and rates at any time. Clubsportive reserves the right to close the club during public holidays, without this leading to a reduction in the contribution or any refund thereof.
  2. Every year a price increase takes place for all memberships according to the indexation of the C.B.S. Clubsportive will publish a price list one month before the start date of the price increase. If the change involves an increase of 6% or more, the member has the right to cancel the membership within 4 weeks of being announced via cancellations.

Article 6: Access Key

The Clubsportive access key remains in property of Clubsportive. In the case that a member has lost their membership tag, a new tag can be bought for €7,50

Article 7: Personal Membership

The membership relates to relates to the activities with the given date and price. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the membership is strictly personal and non-transferable.

Article 8: Clothing Regulations & Use of Towel

Appropriate sports clothing must be worn at all time in the sport rooms. It is mandatory to wear clean indoor sports shoes and to use a towel. To use the sauna, all members must bring a towel and slippers.

Article 9: Order/Instruction Rules

  1. It is not permitted to use and/or trade drugs in the club. Upon discovery, this will lead to an immediate termination of your membership, without any right to refund of the paid contribution.
  2. Members must adhere to the instructions and regulations issued by Clubsportive (or its employees) with regard to, among other things, clothing, necessary order and discipline (halter shirts are not permitted, as well as the expression of noisy behaviour and/or improper language, such as in the opinion of Clubsportive, or the employees employed by it). In the event of a violation, Clubsportive is entitled to deny members access to the club and to terminate the membership immediately, without any right to a refund of paid contribution being created.

Article 10: Security and Liability

Using the facilities within Clubsportive remains under your own risk. Clubsportive is not liable for damage as a results of accidents, theft, fire or any other event that causes damage, unless Clubsportive can be blamed for intent of gross negligence.

Article 11: Delivery Terms and Conditions (NLActief)

This agreement is subject to the general terms and conditions of NLActief (which were established in consultation with the Consumers’ Association). These conditions can be found on our website:  https://www.clubsportive.nl/terms-conditions/

Article 12: Compliance Agreement

By signing the membership agreement, each member declares to comply with the above stated general terms and conditions drawn up by Clubsportive, as well as the house-rules set at the club. Clubsportive is at all times entitled to deny anyone access to the club, when they do not comply with the conditions/rules of access for a duration to be determined by Clubsportive, without any right to a refund of already paid contributions.

Article 13: Other Provisions

All cases and/or situations not covered by the aforementioned general terms and conditions are exclusively assessed by the management of Clubsportive. All disputes that arise between Clubsportive and members will be settled by the “Fitness Disputes Committee” or the competent court in Amsterdam. In accordance with the general terms of delivery NLActive. Dutch law applies to your membership.

The personal data of the members are strictly confidential and are used solely and exclusively for administrative purposes of Clubsportive. This data is never made available to third parties for commercial purposes.

Article 14: Personal Training

  1. A package is paid directly by the member via iDEAL. Clubsportive does not refund any purchased packages or sessions that are not used. The member must make an appointment with their selected personal trainer.
  2. When purchasing a personal training package, the agreed fixed number of personal training sessions is awarded to the member as ‘credit’.
  3. The validity of the credits for both the Solo and Duo packages are as follows:One pack 1 month after purchase
    Triple pack 1 month after purchase
    Six pack 2 months after purchase
    Twelve pack 3 months after purchase
    Twenty pack 6 months after purchase
  4. One ‘credit’ entitles you to one personal training session of 60 minutes by a personal trainer to be designated by Clubsportive, whereby the preference of a member will be explicitly taken into account.
  5. Date and time of a personal training session will be reserved via the app with the concerned personal trainer.
  6. Planned personal training sessions can be canceled up to 24 hours before the start while retaining the ‘credit’. If a personal training session is canceled less than 24 hours before the start, a ‘credit’ will be deducted from the membership.