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Frequently asked questions

health & safety

You can find all information regarding our health & safety protocol on our Covid-19 page.

For some hours it is mandatory to book a swimming spot.You can book a 30 minute slot for our swimming pool via the app. Please use the shower in the pool area before entering the pool.

account & membership information

Please contact our frontdesk at infozuidas@clubsportive.nl, they will help you with finding your member id and reseting your password. 

If due to injury, illness or work commitments you are unable to use the facilities for more than one month, it is possible (only upon presentation of a medical certificate from a doctor or an official letter from the employer) to temporarily freeze membership. The membership can be frozen for up to 6 months. Freezing of membership is only possible on the basis of whole calendar months as of the next calendar month. The end date of the membership is automatically extended by the same period as the duration of the freezing period. During the freezing period, it is not possible to visit the club and therefore accrue usage discount for the period after the re-activation of the membership, according to article 5.

Cancellation is possible via https://www.clubsportive.nl/opzeggen/. If we have processed your cancellation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail is binding. Cancellation must be made 1 calendar month before the end of the contract period. If not cancelled in time via the website, the membership will be continued for an indefinite period. During this period, the obligation to pay the membership fees to Clubsportive remains, even when there may be no use of the facilities. Termination of this membership may be done with a notice period of at least 1 calendar month.

If you cancel a 24-month membership before the 24-month contract period expires, Clubsportive is entitled to recalculate the fee for the expired membership period based on the actual period taken and charge the corresponding higher membership fee, i.e. the monthly rate of the 12-month membership. (“For example: in the case of a chosen period of 2 years and a cancellation after 12 months, then a term fee will be re-calculated as if a 12 month contract period was chosen”).

Cancellation of the upgrades is only possible via customerservice@clubsportive.nl. If we have processed your cancellation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail is binding. Notice of termination must be given at least 1 calendar month before the end of the upgrade period. If you do not cancel in time via e-mail, the upgrade period will be extended automatically.

Premature termination of your membership is only possible if:

you obtain a different residential address with a location of more than 20 kilometers from the club. This can only be assumed with the evidence of an official document ‘registration municipality’ of your new place of residence.
It has become impossible for you to use the fitness activities for the rest of your membership due to injury or illness. This can only be assumed with an official doctor’s certificate as proof.

Bar credit is not refundable.

Please contact our frontdesk at infozuidas@clubsportive.nl or call us on +31 20 661 78 08