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We have over 100 classes a week from yoga to group cycle to boxing. Discover what Clubsportive has in store for you.

100+ classes, Challenging group sessions led by inspiring and top-notch instructors.

Like everything at Clubsportive, our classes are of the highest quality. Our ambitious and inspiring trainers will be by your side to guide you through your workout. Start at your own level and get ready to improve. Sign up for a class and chase your goals and dreams.


This style of yoga is a flow of different postures that strengthen the body. You follow the rhythm of your breath when you move from one pose to another. The tempo of the class is quite high which makes it an intense and challenging class. 

In this class it is all about your postures, having control over your body and breath. By doing Hatha yoga you’ll strengthen your body and work on your flexibility. 

Premium Gym Zuidas


Learn from the best! At Clubsportive we have boxing instructors who have trained the best boxers in the world. It’s an intense and fun class with a lot of focus on technique, combined with HIIT exercises. Get in your focus and escape the outside world.


Hop on the bike and experience an intense spinning class. Fine-tune your bike exactly to your VO2max to optimize your workout. Our trainers will guide you through the class by using different watts and resistance. Make an appointment with a trainer to find out your VO2max and start the first cycle class at your level.


Work on your strength in our Body Pump. During this class, you’ll do exercises using the barbell and dumbbells. Increase the intensity by increasing the weights. This way the Body Pump class is suitable for all levels, start at your own level and practice to grow. 


This full-body workout improves your strength and conditioning. Move to the beat with steps, dumbbells, and barbell exercises. The Body Shape classes are built up in 4 blocks where you work on your cardio, legs, arms, and core.


Push your boundaries during this 45-minute workout. Work on your cardio by using the skill bike, skill run, and skill row during this intense class. On top of that, you’ll work on your strength by doing bodyweight exercises. Are you up for this challenge?


30-minute High-Intensity interval workouts where you combine bodyweight exercises and some gym equipment. It’s always a full-body workout. Just half an hour to train your whole body, very effective right?


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