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Only the best is good enough for our members. Elevate your Clubsportive experience with our private locker service.

Sign up for 6 months and receive 2 extra months for free!

We provide two forms of locker room service:

1. Private locker: You will receive a locker of your own to store all your gym gear in. This locker service costs €50 per 4 weeks.

2. Exclusive locker service: As well as the private locker, you will receive exclusive laundry service. With this, all you have to focus on is showing up, we will take care of the rest. Your workout clothes can be washed, dried and returned to your locker for when you need it. Additionally, you will get a Clubsportive bag.  This service costs €110 per 4 weeks.

There are only 20 spots per locker room (male & female) so don’t miss out.

You will receive the first two months for free, after that the 6 months contract will start. After you will enter a flexible contract in which you can cancel anytime with one month in advance. Once you sign up we will add the product to your account and you will be billed automatically on the bank account that you now pay your membership fee with.

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