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Terms & conditions for Clubsportive Loyalty Program

Article 1: Discount Code Expiry

The discount code provided herewith shall remain valid for a period of three months from the date of issuance. Also, the code becomes inactive after one use.

Article 2: Eligibility Criteria

The discount code is exclusively applicable to user accounts that have received a corresponding email notification. These email recipients are specifically tagged within the system as eligible for the promotional offer.

Article 3: Valid Treatment Selection

The discount code can only be applied to the treatments listed in the accompanying table. For instance, individuals belonging to a specific group, such as +2 years of membership, shall not be permitted to utilize the code designated for the +5 years of membership group.

Article 4: Multiple Use for Specific Groups

In cases where the age groups of 2 years and 5 years are combined with the option to bring a friend, an extra person can be present during the treatments at the same time slot. It is important to note that both uses must be carried out using the same Zenoti account. It is not possible to schedule two appointments for one user. The offer can be only availed by bringing an extra person.

Article 5: The exceptional case of Gratitude Pack + Bring a friend

Only the Oxygen therapy is not possible to be used by two people at the same time. Therefore after applying the discount code and receiving credits to book the treatments, there are 2 credits for Oxygen therapy (1 for the member and 1 for the extra person –bring a friend). The other two treatments of Gratitude pack can be booked for one time slot and used by two people together.

Article 6: Misuse

Please be advised that any misuse, unauthorized distribution, or attempt to exploit these promotional offers in any manner contrary to these General Terms and Conditions may result in the immediate revocation of the discount code and may also lead to further actions as deemed necessary by the management.